Ley Holloway, Jewellery Designer/Maker


Based in North Devon I have a degree in Graphic Design, I have made jewellery in a variety of materials for years, only recently taking it more seriously.Banner

Green blue eccentric sea glass pendant oval in shape and with clusters of beads and other items around it's edge


I have had a collection of vintage beads for quite a long time, some having come from elderly relatives and some I have bought at different times. Some have become vintage since I bought them new! I'd never actually used most of them, I just liked to have them around.

I came across a book about needle weaving with beads and I've been somewhat hooked ever since. I made a few simple pieces which sold immediately. I then realised I could use sea glass with the beads and I haven't stopped.

I'm always looking for new ways to combine the materials and have begun to add vintage lace and other recycled fabric. I also find fragments of old ceramics on the beach,some of which retain clear patterns and some have only vague hints remaining.

I am very happy to make pieces to commission and I can supply a piece of sea glass or ceramic from my collection, or I can make a piece from a stone or piece of glass you supply.



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